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November Agenda and October Financials

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Holiday Online Auction - proceeds support AHS Booster Club
  Let’s win together with lots of holiday spirit! By...
Great news, Lights on Avon supporters and donors!
Great news, Lights on Avon supporters and donors! Monday night,...
Lights On Avon Campaign
On behalf of the board of ACORN, Inc. and the community at large,...
2020 Scholarships Recipients
Each year, the Avon High School Booster Club awards multiple scholarships...
Avon High School 13,480 pounds
The generosity of the AVON FALCON community throughout this friendly...
Girls Volleyball - Class L State Champions
Congrats to the Girl Volleyball Team. 2019 State Champions!    
Holiday Online Auction - proceeds support AHS Booster Club

Holiday Online Auction - proceeds support AHS Booster Club

Let’s win together with lots of holiday spirit! By supporting our auction, we will raise funds to support equipment purchases, scholarships, and sports-related improvements for Avon High School.  Our auction items include youth – adult gifts and is open to the entire community to access.




Nintendo Switch

Avon Driving School – Full Course Lessons

Next Street Drive School – Full Course Lessons

Ski Tickets / Pro Soccer Experience

Graduation Preferred Parking/Seating

Parking Spaces at AHS

Gift Cards to local Businesses

And much, much more!


THANK YOU for supporting Avon Athletics and our student-athletes!

Please enjoy and have fun shopping while supporting a great cause.

by posted 11/23/2020
Great news, Lights on Avon supporters and donors!

Great news, Lights on Avon supporters and donors!

Great news, Lights on Avon supporters and donors!

Monday night, at a special Town Council meeting, members voted unanimously to invest approximately half of the recently awarded bond premium dollars (up to $235K) to the turf field lights project. Given that since we began our campaign in 2019 we've experienced two price increases and a pandemic, this is outstanding news and we are relieved and grateful.

If/when the use of these funds is approved by the Board of Finance, we will resume our campaign with a one-month holiday season push to raise $15,000 and close the books on the project by 12/31. Based on our pre-Covid campaign performance we know that, with the community's help, we can do this.

But first, we need to garner support from the Board of Finance which will meet and vote on the proposal next Monday, 11/23, at 7PM. A link to the video meeting is not yet available, but we will share it once it is – or, you can keep a lookout for it here.

Please let our Board of Finance members know that YOU support the Town Council’s generous proposal and you want THEM to approve it. You can write to them at the addresses below and/or attend their video meeting next Monday evening,11/23, to urge their support.

If all goes well, we will resume our campaign on Tuesday, 11/24 with expanded brick sales and other premiums - and we thank you in advance for your support!

Here are the Board of Finance member names and email addresses:

  • Tom Harrison tharrison@avonct.gov
  • Cathy Durdan cdurdan@avonct.gov
  • Ken Birk kbirk@avonct.gov
  • Margaret Bratton mbratton@avonct.gov
  • Katrina Marin kmarin@avonct.gov
  • Ellen Retelle eretelle@avonct.gov
  • Cathy Salchert csalchert@avonct.gov



by posted 11/19/2020
Lights On Avon Campaign

Avon High School

On behalf of the board of ACORN, Inc. and the community at large, thank you to those who have made a donation towards our Lights on Avon campaign. Because of your generosity, and that of nearly 300 other donors, we were on track to wrap up our campaign last June, in under one year.  

And then COVID-19 hit. Donations stalled, our grant applications were denied and, in deference to the financial and emotional strain of the pandemic, we suspended our campaign. 

Quite fortunately, at the July 30th Town Council meeting*, Town Council chair, Heather Maguire, and Town Manager, Brandon Robertson presented a potential solution to the approximately $200K Lights on Avon funding gap. Because of Avon’s exceptional fiscal management, the town recently received a $460K bond premium which can be spent in only two ways: for capital items related to the bonded project (which was the turf field) or to pay down debt service. The town is generously considering using some of the money to fund the field lighting project and the rest to pay down debt. 

(*Click here for the complete meeting minutes; the light funding discussion can be found beginning on page 6.) 

This is wonderful news – but, of course, not all residents see it this way and they have (and will continue to) let council members know. We need YOU to let council members know that you are a donor and proud supporter of Lights On Avon and that you enthusiastically support the investment of these bond premium dollars toward lighting the new turf track and field.

You can show your support in one of two ways (or both):

  • Attend the virtual Town CouncilMeeting this Thursday, November 5th at 7PM and voice your support during the “Communication from the Audience” part of the meeting (at the beginning). You can join via this link:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/557149309 Access code: 557149309# 
  • Write to the individual Town Council members and ask them to support the proposal and help accelerate it (see email addresses below)
    • Heather Maguire: 
    • Jeff Bernetich:
    • Jim Speich:
    • Anthony Weber: 
    • Dan Polhamus: 

Your voice matters. With your help, there will be light! 

Thank you, 


Susan Rietano Davey

President, ACORN, Inc.


by posted 11/03/2020
2020 Scholarships Recipients

2020 Scholarships Recipients

Each year, the Avon High School Booster Club awards multiple scholarships recognizing Seniors who have excelled in athletics, the classroom and community.  Four scholarships are specifically awarded in memory of former AHS student-athletes. The Club is proud to announce the recipients of its 2020 Scholarships. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


2020 Named Scholarships

  • Ali Hunter Memorial Scholarship: Abigail St. Onge
  • Richard A. Migli Memorial Scholarship: Rhiannon Richmond and Chris Gens
  • Robert Madaket Brisco Memorial Scholarship: Alec Purcell

2020 AHS Booster Club General Scholarships 

  • Mikayla Blaha
  • Hunter Dawiczyk
  • Annie Culbertson
  • Kendra Hards
  • Thomas Howard
  • Sean Nolan

by posted 06/10/2020
Avon High School 13,480 pounds

Avon High School 13,480 pounds - Photograph by Carolyn Marshall Photography

The generosity of the AVON FALCON community throughout this friendly competition was outstanding! The outpouring of support from families helping those in need was amazing and could not have been more appreciated. It was also exciting to see the increase in participation versus last year’s competition throughout both communities.


Four of the five Avon schools participated in the SOUPer BOWL this year. At the High School specifically, there were various groups who directly supported this event. Music Service Society (MSS) as well as the Football and Volleyball teams collected donations at their respective events. Donations were also collected at the Girls Powderpuff Football Game.


FAME, PTO and the Booster Club also participated. Avon Prime Meats, a local business, generously donated after hearing about this event and allowed members from the Boys Golf and Boys Lacrosse teams to solicit donations at the store.


In total, $4,524 and 1,869 lbs. of food were collected on behalf of both charities. Avon collected an OUTSTANDING $2,390 and 1,530 lbs. of food for Gifts of Love. Simsbury donations collected an impressive $2,134 and 339 lbs. of food in support of the Simsbury Food Closet. Representatives from both charities were absolutely amazed at the levels of giving over the past two years.


A sincere, heart-felt THANK YOU to all students and families for their tremendous generosity and showing that AVON pride and spirit!


Photograph by Carolyn Marshall Photography

by posted 12/09/2019
Girls Volleyball - Class L State Champions

Avon Volleyball - State Champs

Congrats to the Girl Volleyball Team. 2019 State Champions!



by posted 11/24/2019
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2020 - 2021 Booster Donors

As of 11/2/2020



  • David Bartman
  • The Calma Family
  • Carmon Funeral Home
  • Ellen & Richard Cartun
  • Doug & Jennifer Cote
  • Valerie Gordon
  • John & Heidi Hagan
  • Steven Hartman
  • The Jerger Family
  • John Keenan
  • The Leavens Family
  • Stephen & Nicole Nunziata
  • Steve & Heather Nyberg
  • Jeffrey Ricapito
  • Ray Smithberger
  • Richard & Candi Seaman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott Stevens


  • The Angus Family
  • Tracy Beloin
  • Kelly & David Birkenruth
  • Katy Bredice
  • Michalina Centofanti
  • Debra Chute
  • Judy Colbert
  • Dave & Susie Downey
  • Bill & Tracy Gardner
  • Kristen Gilbey
  • David Griffith
  • Michelle & Brad Hards
  • Kevin & Louisa Hogan
  • Daniel & Meredith Jobe
  • Denise Karp
  • Franziska & Ajay Kumar
  • Jennifer Lavore
  • Carole & Ed Levin
  • Lauren & Stefan Magel
  • The Mango Family
  • John & Robyn McLaughlin
  • Rakesh Moza
  • Anne Noyes
  • Donna Pengel
  • Upendranath Reddy
  • Susan Reitano-Davey
  • Ali Salman Rizvi
  • Kathleen Ronzello
  • Max Rosenberg
  • Jenna Ryan
  • Elizabeth Sava
  • Scott Schroder
  • Gail Shefloft
  • Lauri & Ire Slyvestro
  • Jennifer Soucy
  • Shannon & Dan St. Onge
  • Kimberly Thompson
  • Cheecais Peng Yee Tran
  • Chris & Matt Woods    


  • Roma Assaro
  • The Beaudin Family
  • Tony & Jane Blaine
  • The Borenstein Family
  • Bill & Agnes Brown
  • Daniel Caporizzo
  • David & Catherine Cavanaugh
  • Natalie Cooper
  • Nick & Leslie Cifaldi
  • Pamela & David Cunningham
  • Sharon & Pat Davies
  • Robert & Linda Demers
  • DeeDee Addis Dew
  • Andy & Betsy Dunn
  • Amy Droppo
  • Kirsen Ek
  • Beth Ferrari
  • Michelle Gawitt
  • Jenny Getz
  • Tara Gill
  • Charles Harvell
  • Steve & Patty Karlin
  • Sumesh Kumar
  • Michele L. Merritt
  • Erin Lamadrid
  • Irene Loretto
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Mancini
  • Joseph Milardo
  • Barbara Nevins
  • Michele O'Connor
  • Lynn & Lou Olson
  • The Pederson Family
  • Don & & Geri Phelan
  • Rebecca Putt
  • Micahel & Kirsten Ryan
  • Charles & Megan Richmond
  • Colin & Mary Sanford
  • Gregory Solof
  • Sam & Carolyn Miller-Stevens
  • Bradley Thurston
  • Debbie & Ted Trautman
  • Gerald & Patricia Vitkauskas
  • Karen & Jack Volinski
  • Bill & Marianne Watson
  • Florence Wendell
  • Lee Whalen
  • Janice & Hal Wingo
  • Anita & Richard Williams
  • Linda & Les Wolfson
  • Elizabeth Zagata


  • Glenn Abate
  • Joan Aiello
  • Lisa & Rob Berman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bingham III
  • Eileen & William R. Blackham
  • Patricia Carey
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Casey
  • Sue & Mohit Chadha
  • Lionel & Doris Cyr
  • William Deramo
  • Ralph & Jeanne Droste
  • Ken Endross
  • Demian Fontanella
  • Mr. & Mrs. D. P. Ford
  • Martha Gallagher
  • Patricia Gaucher
  • Marcy Goldstein
  • Philip Gordon
  • Mark Gross
  • David & Judy Hauth
  • Scott Kieper
  • Irene Kowalski
  • John Lenihan
  • Kevin & Susan Lybeck
  • Nick Marchitto
  • Miriam McWilliams
  • Luba Mindzak
  • Mikhail Mensh
  • Kelly Miley 
  • Karen Morris
  • Patrick O'Connor
  • J. Piccirillo
  • Mary Jo Redemske
  • Katie Robbin
  • Susan Russo
  • Arlene Schroder
  • Barbara Singer
  • H. Scott Smith
  • Matthew Smith
  • Elizabeth Stahl
  • Sue Stevens
  • Sue & Tony Trivella
  • Carlos Valinho
  • David & Robin Walsh