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1.1 The Name of the corporation shall be the Avon High School Booster Club, Inc. (the “Club”).  

ARTICLE II: Statement of Purpose

The Purpose of the Club shall be:

2.1 To aid and assist in the development and enhancement of all athletic teams of Avon High School (“AHS”).

2.2 To promote school spirit among the students, parents, faculty and coaches of AHS.

ARTICLE III: Membership and Voting

3.1 Any interested parent, guardian or stepparent of a child enrolled in AHS may be a member by paying yearly Dues (a “Member”). Meetings are generally held monthly during each school year but may also be called by the Executive Committee upon notice to Members (a “Meeting”).

3.2 A Member attending a regular monthly Meeting shall be allowed to vote in any Club vote, EXCEPT in capital disbursement votes. To vote for capital disbursements, a Member must have attended three (3) regular monthly Meetings in each school year prior to the capital disbursement vote. Each Member (whether in the same family or not) must pay Dues in order to vote.

3.3 Other interested adults may be Members upon the payment of Dues and with the approval of a simple majority of the Members attending a duly authorized meeting of the Club.


4.1 The Executive Committee shall establish the membership dues yearly (the “Dues”). Said Dues shall be a minimum of $25.00 per school year.

ARTICLE V: Officers

5.1 The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (the “Officers”). Any office may be shared by more than one (1) person.

5.2 The Officers shall have the duties generally assigned to those Officers, and any other duties the Executive Committee imposes on them.

ARTICLE VI: Directors

6.1 In addition to the Officers, there shall be up to three (3) Members elected by the Members to serve as directors (the “Directors”).

6.2 The Directors shall be elected for one (1), two (2) and three (3) year terms, respectively.

6.3 All Directors must have served as an Officer for a minimum of one (1) year prior to serving as a Director.

ARTICLE VII: Election of Officers and Directors

7.1 The Executive Committee shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) Members (the “Nominating Committee”). The Nominating Committee shall be appointed not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Club’s last monthly Meeting of each school year (the “Annual Meeting”). An Officer or Director may not serve on this Committee. At least ten (10) days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Secretary shall communicate to the Members the list of the Nominating Committee’s candidates.

7.2 Members may make nominations in addition to those made by the Nominating Committee. Said nominations must be made in writing and submitted to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the actual vote of the Members at the Annual Meeting.

7.3 Officer and Director vacancies shall be filled by a simple majority vote of the Members present at the next regularly scheduled Meeting with a Quorum following the occurrence of said vacancy.

ARTICLE VIII: Executive Committee

8.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and Directors (the “Executive Committee”).

8.2 The Executive Committee shall have the authority to transact any business of the Club in the intervals between scheduled meetings of the Members.

8.3 The Executive Committee may not authorize expenditures of more than $2000 in any one period between scheduled meetings.

8.4 Five (5) Officers shall constitute a quorum for the Executive Committee.

8.5 The business of the Executive Committee shall be decided by a simple majority vote of those present, provided there is a quorum as set forth in Section 8.4 above.

ARTICLE IX: Meetings

9.1 The Members may, by a simple majority vote, transact any business brought before it at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Members.

9.2 The Annual Meeting shall be held in June of each year.

9.3 The business to be conducted at the Annual Meeting shall include, but not be limited to:

a. Electing Officers and Directors by a simple majority vote of the Members present.

b.  Scheduling meetings for the following year.

c. Fixing the dues amount for the following year.

d. Any other business needed to conclude the school year.

9.4 At any Meeting, a quorum shall consist of ten (10) Members, at least two (2) of whom are Officers (the “Quorum).

9.5 No business of any type may be transacted at any Meeting of the Club or any committee or subcommittee of the Club without the appropriate Quorum. However, in an emergency, as determined by the President, the President may act on the results of a telephone or email vote of a quorum of the Executive Committee without the need for a meeting.

9.6 Unless otherwise specified herein, all votes of the Club and any committee or subcommittee shall be a simple majority.

ARTICLE X: Committees

10.1 The Executive Committee may establish any committee or subcommittee as it sees fit.

10.2 Members of the Executive Committee may serve on these committees.

ARTICLE XI: Accounts

11.1 The Club shall maintain a checking account with at least two (2) signatories from the Executive Committee in a bank with a local branch.

ARTICLE XII: Fundraising

12.1 The Executive Committee shall approve all fundraising projects for the Club.

12.2 An ad hoc committee may be established by the Executive Committee to implement and oversee the project.

ARTICLE XIII: Fiscal year

13.1 The fiscal year of the Club shall run from July 1 thru June 30.

ARTICLE XIV: Athletic Director

14.1 The Athletic Director of AHS, or his/her designated representative, shall be invited to all scheduled meetings and shall be a non-voting Member of the Club.

ARTICLE XV: Amendments

15.1 These By-Laws may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the Members present at a regularly scheduled monthly Meeting. Said amendments must be proposed and discussed at the Meeting immediately preceding the one at which the vote is to take place and the Secretary shall make available by written or electronic form a copy of the proposed amendment to each voting Member at least three (3) calendar days prior to the meeting at which said vote is to take place.

ARTICLE XVI: Corporate Book and Seal

16.1 A corporate book and seal may be purchased and maintained by the Secretary or any person designated by the Executive Committee. Said book shall contain all items generic to same.

ARTICLE XVII: Tax Exempt Status/Corporate Status

17.1 The Executive Committee shall perform all tasks required by the State of Connecticut and the Internal Revenue Service for the maintenance of corporate and tax exempt status.

ARTICLE XVIII: Parliamentary Procedure

18.1 Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the Club in all cases in which they are applied and in which they do not conflict with these By-Laws.

ARTICLE XIX: Scholarships

19.1 Booster Club Scholarships

Annually, a committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee to determine recipients of scholarships granted from the Club to AHS seniors (the “Scholarship Committee”). Applications will be available from AHS each spring. The Scholarship Committee shall be composed of five (5) Members who do not have children who are seniors at AHS, two (2) of which shall be Officers. Written criteria shall be used by the Scholarship Committee in selecting scholarship recipients.

19.2 Separate Scholarship Funds

Under no circumstances shall the Club maintain separate scholarship funds and/or bank accounts in general or under specific names without amending these By-Laws to reflect such change.

Dated: October, 2015