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Capital Item Disbursement Request Policy

The Executive Board of the Avon High School Booster Club will consider requests for Capital Disbursements by teams for the school year in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. During January, Coaches and Team Representatives can submit a Capital Disbursement Request Form with appropriate documentation (i.e. price quote, pictures) to the Executive Board for consideration if requirements are met as outlined in Item 2.  The Booster Club President will then review all requests with the Avon High School Athletic Director.  If revisions are deemed necessary, the respective Coaches and/or Team Representatives will be contacted and asked to revise the teams' requests.

  2. The three requirements a sports team must meet in order to make a request are as follows:

        a. Team donation or sponsorship of Migli Golf Tournament (Spring of prior school year)

        b. Team participation of at least 10% in the Ticket Drive conducted in the Fall of current school year 

        c. Request Form and documentation to be submitted at the January Meeting, but no later than Jan. 31st. 

  3. The Team Representative or Coach will make a short presentation of their request to the attendees at the February meeting.

  4. In the event that club funds are available per the Executive Board, members will be asked to vote on the Capital Disbursement Requests at the March meeting.

  5. In order to vote on the Capital Disbursement Requests, a member (individual, not family) must be in good standing, paid a minimum of $25 in dues for the current school calendar year and attended at least 3 meetings (including the March meeting).

  6. Absent significant mitigating circumstances, funds authorized for expenditure must be made by the respective teams to complete the capital purchases by June of the current school year or such funds will be returned to the Booster Club's General Fund.

*All capital disbursement requests are subject to the review and approval of the Booster Club Executive Board and the Athletic Director.