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The Booster Club is focused on supporting our AHS student athletes and their various sports programs.  To reward those Senior athletes that have succeeded in all aspects of academics, leadership, citizenship and athletics, the Booster Club awards various  scholarships each year.  

There are four Named Scholarships awarded in the amount of $1,000 per scholarship. These four Named scholarships are in honor of the following Avon Athletes:  


Richard A. Migli

Class of 1970 

Alison (Ali) Hunter 

Class of 1998

Robert Brisco

Class of 2013


Several General Scholarships are also awarded each year to outstanding student-athletes.

Requirements:  The parent or guardian must be a member of the Booster Club by April 1st of the current year to be eligible.   Additional requirements are outlined on the specific applications, but may include a summary of Athletic Activities, an essay or resume, depending on the scholarship.  

All applications are reviewed by an appointed committee.  Recipients are typically announced at the AHS Award Night.


                                DEADLINE for applications is April 1st.